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2020-08-31 · Yuntong Jin ·


**OpenAnolis™ ** is an open source operating system community and innovation platform. It aims to promote the prosperity and development of software and hardware and application ecosystem through open community cooperation, and build the system technology of cloud computing jointly.

Home Page: https://www.openanolis.org

Github: https://github.com/openanolis


  • Cloud-Kernel is based on LTS version Linux kernel and customized and optimized deeply for cloud computing scenarios to improve application performance and user experience on the cloud.
  • Inclavare Containers is an open source OCI container implementation of confidential computing, it brings confidential computing into the cloud native ecosystem and reduces the development and use costs of confidential computing
  • Alibaba Dragonwell, as a downstream version of OpenJDK, is the in-house OpenJDK implementation at Alibaba.
  • Occlum - A library OS empowering everyone to run every application in secure enclaves.
  • Diagnose-tools - a systematic diagnostic tool.

More projects in: github/openanolis


  • High-performance Storage SIG is a development framework open sourced by Ant Financial which is based on Spring Boot, provides capabilities such as Readiness Check, class isolation, log space isolation and asynchronous initialization of bean.
  • Tracing & Debugging SIG Tracking and diagnosis technology is an indispensable topic in the operating system,there are new kernel diagnosis cases based on ebpf technology and BCC tools, and also SLI / tracing framework of internal kernel subsystem. Moreover, Diagnosis tools, which has attracted much attention, has made great achievements in Alibaba’s internal ‘double 11’ campaign. All of these will be presented in the Tracing & Debugging SIG.
  • High-performance Storage SIG Resource isolation technology is a key technology in Alibaba ‘double 11’ event over past years. This interest group will focus resource isolation enhancement and best practices on mixed deployment of large-scale applications in cloud scenarios.
  • Cloud Native System SIG Cloud Native SIG aims to build next generation of security container sandbox with open source projects such as Kata containers and cloud hypervisor, and create a high-performance, strong isolation cloud native base system.
  • Core Service SIG Based on rich business scenarios on Alibaba cloud, the OS core service SIG aims to optimizes the core user mode components deeply, and providing high reliable and high-performance core services on the cloud.
  • Cloud Native Confidential Computing SIG aims to build cloud native confidential computing full stack open source technology around inclave containers, reduce the threshold for the use of confidential computing, simplifying the deployment, optimization and application of computing in the cloud, and developing usage scenarios and solutions.

More SIG in: en/sig


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