IRC and Maillist

Update time: 2020-09-17

IRC Channels

IRC Channel Description
#anolis Public channel for general discussion and suporting.
#anolis-community Channel for community events.
#anolis-linux Channel for Alibaba Cloud Linux project.
#anolis-inclavare Channel for Inclavare Containers project and SIG discussion.
#anolis-dragonwell Channel for Dragonwell project discussion.
#anolis-diagnose-tools Channel for Diagnose-tools project discussion.
#anolis-cloud-native Channel for cloud native system SIG discussion.
#anolis-occlum Channel for Occlum project discussion.


Maillist Title Maillist address Description
community OpenAnolis community mailist,for general discussion and supporting.
Inclavare-Containers OpenAnolis mailist for Inclavare Containers project and SIG
Dragonwell OpenAnolis maillist of dragonwell project discussion
Occlum OpenAnolis maillist of Occlum project discussion
Diagnose-tools OpenAnolis maillist for Diagnose-tools project.
Cloud-kernel OpenAnolis maillist for cloud-kernel project
Cloud-Native OpenAnolis mailist for Cloud Native System SIG
QA OpenAnolis mailist for QA discussion
TC OpenAnolis technical committe maillist
Dev OpenAnolis development maillist