A letter from the OpenAnolis community to Linux developers

2021-01-27 · Openanolis community ·

Dear Linux Developer Friends,

happy New Year everyone!

Today, we want to tell you the story of OpenAnolis, she is closely related to every Linux developer. The OpenAnolis community was initiated by Alibaba Cloud in September 2020 and has been established more than April.

Why is there this community? In the past, there was a lack of a native Linux operating system upstream community in China, and everyone could only obtain code from overseas sites such as Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Debian. The global open source has been developing for more than 20 years, especially today, when the demand for domestic information innovation is changing rapidly, the establishment of a local innovative open source operating system platform is imminent!

Today, Alibaba Cloud, together with Tongxin Software, many chip manufacturers and leading cloud computing manufacturers, is actively creating a native open source operating system distribution in the OpenAnolis community, compatible with mainstream international Linux manufacturers, supporting multiple hardware architectures, and not only for developers such as CentOS More choices, but also to explore and build a future-oriented open source operating system.

In December 2020, the CentOS project team announced that CentOS 8 will end its research and development at the end of 2021. This means that afterwards it will become a system that is no longer maintained and cannot be secured; if the business is to continue, we have to do it ourselves, which fully proves that we The necessity of creating an open source distribution of Anolis OS.

Today we announced that the OpenAnolis community has formally established a board of directors (preparatory), a technical committee, and an operating committee. The first group of governing members includes mainstream chip manufacturers such as Alibaba Cloud, Tongxin Software, Feiteng, Zhaoxin, Loongson, and leading domestic cloud companies, and Partner units represented by leading foreign chip manufacturers such as Intel. At the same time, adhering to the concept of open collaboration, open governance, and open ecology, the OpenAnolis community will release Anolis OS 8 in the second quarter of 2021. It is an open source, neutral, and open community release that supports mainstream international and domestic chip architectures, and CentOS Fully compatible.

The mission entrusted to us by the times, we will not hesitate to shoulder it.

Welcome everyone to join the OpenAnolis community to build an Anolis OS release and maintain a healthy open source operating system ecosystem!

Follow the community public account OpenAnolis for more information.

OpenAnolis community

January 27, 2021