OpenAnolis Publish Annoucement on APSARA Conference 2020

2020-08-30 · Jin Yuntong ·

OpenAnolis Publish Annoucement on APSARA Conference 2020

Build an Open Ecosystem of System Software for Cloud

Speaker:Tao, Ma

  1. The Challenge of Operating System in Cloud
  2. The Challenge of Cloud Native System
  3. OpenAnolis BIG Announcement

OpenAnolis Community Introduction


  1. An Open Source Operating System Community for Cloud
  2. Full Stack Open Source Ecosystem for Cloud Native System
  3. Open Innovation Platform

Alibaba Cloud Linux Project


  1. Cloud Kernel
  2. Core Services SIG
  3. High-performance Storage SIG
  4. Tracing & Debugging SIG
  5. Resource Isolation SIG

SOFAEnclave: Confidential Computing, Trusted Cloud Native

Speaker:Shou Meng,Yan

  1. From Cloud Native to Trust Native
  2. Occlum Introduction
  3. Announcing HyperEnclave
  4. KubeTEE Introduction

Inclavare Container Project

Speaker:Yue, Qian / Chao Hong, Guo

  1. Open-Source Project Inclavare Containers
  2. The Architecture of Inclavare Containers
  3. Roadmap
  4. Public cloud confidential computing with Intel SGX

Dragonwell Project


  1. Dragonwell new Features Announcement
  2. Best Practiceof Java in Cloud Native

Diagnose-tools Project


  1. Diagnose-tools : Why
  2. Diagnose-tools: What and How